If you're seeking a curly hair salon with a full team of specialists who understand your hair, you've come to the right place!  At Salon Tii Gavo in Renton, you will not only find 7 highly trained and experienced DevaCurl certified stylists, you will also discover a complete collection of curly hair products specifically developed for healthy, frizz free, easy to manage styling.

What makes our haircutting method different?

The Deva Cutting Technique is a trademarked method of cutting curly hair created by Lorraine Massey, world renowned curly hair specialist and author of Curly Girl: The Handbook.   Unlike traditional cutting techniques which do not cater to the needs of curly hair types, the unique Deva method of cutting involves cutting  your hair while it is dry instead of wet.  Your stylist works with your hair in its natural form with minimal tension, curl by curl, gently sculpting and shaping.  Your head and facial shape are also taken into consideration to ensure technical and artistic balance.  Fingers are used rather than a comb in order to keep your curls intact. 
The end result is a perfect style that brings out the beauty of your curls and gives them the ability to fall more naturally.

Why are our DevaCurl products so amazing?

Our DevaCurl collection of hair care is a 100% Sulfate Free, Paraben Free and Silicone Free line of cleansing and styling products infused with gentle hydrating ingredients and botanical extracts.  This award-winning collection gives curly girls an alternative to the harsh damaging detergents typically found in over the counter products. Instead of frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair, Deva Curl's nourishing formula lets you savor naturally gorgeous, shiny, moisture drenched, frizz-free tresses!

Make an appointment today with any of our DevaCurl certified stylists:  Jillian, Alicia, Leann, Kirsten, Maria, Jolene, and Tamara.  




DevaCurl Low Poo and No Poo are a great alternative to the run-of-the-mill products you'll find on the supermarket shelf.  DevaCurl cleansers contain no sulfates, parabens or silicone, and the botanical ingredients will nourish your thirsty locks with needed hydration.

Simply follow the steps below to cleanse and prevent tangles:

        *Wet hair thoroughly
        *Apply cleanser along fingertips
        *Massage into the scalp area
        *Wash gently without using rough scrubbing
        *Rinse thoroughly


Curly hair needs intense moisture and conditioning in order to avoid the pitfalls of frizz and brittle texture.  If your hair is particularly thick and frizzy, you can allow the conditioner to remain in your hair instead of rinsing it out.  Just squeeze out the excess water, and your curls will naturally absorb the amount of conditioner that they need. 

For best conditioning:

        *Use a generous palmful of DevaCurl One Condition
        *Smooth the product down through your hair with your fingers
         *Massage gently in an upward motion toward the scalp


The finishing touch for perfect curls is the application of a styling gel.  Deva Curl gels are water soluble, alcohol and silicone free, and they also contain nourishing botanical ingredients to protect your hair against moisture loss and frizz.

For styling perfection:

        *After conditioning, use a soft Deva towel to gently squeeze out excess water.
        *Apply DevaCurl Light Defining Gel or Ultra Defining Gel evenly, covering all curls, starting at the ends and moving up towards the scalp.
        *Air-dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser. Then, use your fingers  to gently fluff your hair for volume if desired.  


“I often have the fantasy that curly girls are mermaids who have had to adapt to life on dry land. We come from the sea. The ocean is in our blood. It sings through our heart and lungs, our skin and hair. Our curls require the nourishment only a watery environment can provide. Both ocean waves and curly hair are forces of nature that can't be tamed. We can only accept and admire their power and beauty.”  -- Lorraine Massey