DevaCurl Products

What sets DevaCurl apart from other curly hair care product lines?  

DevaCurl is a 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free system for curly, wavy and chemically dehydrated hair.  DevaCurl’s exclusively designed hair care system for curls allows for individuality, simplicity and the freedom to address wavy or curly hair’s specific needs. Every DevaCurl product contains high concentrations of beneficial and moisturizing botanicals that rejuvenate, restore and respect curls’ natural texture.

What is the Deva 3-Step and how often should I follow it? 

Cleanse, hydrate and define as often as your curls require. For some, the Deva 3-Step system is a regular part of their daily routine and for others, once or twice a week is all it takes.

Why is there no lather in the DevaCurl No-Poo® cleansers?

Lather offers zero cleansing value, promotes frizz and is a by-product of the harsh detergents found in most shampoos. DevaCurl No-Poo, 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free, contains a healthy dose of botanical ingredients for maximum moisture retention and frizz prevention.

What does DevaCurl use in Low-Poo® to create lather instead of sulfates?

The low lather and gentle foaming suds are  derived entirely from natural coconut.

What is the difference between DevaCurl and DevaCare products? 

All DevaCurl and DevaCare products are 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free and rich with botanical and plant-based ingredients. The DevaCare products contain the anti-oxidants vitamin C and orange peel extract to slow color fading. We recommend DevaCare for dehydrated, color treated and chemically dehydrated curls.

Will DevaCurl still work for individuals with permed curls instead of natural curls?

Once hair is permed, it is considered curly and must be treated with the same care as naturally curly hair. Moisture is the key to success with curls so the more dehydrated, the more we encourage using our botanically infused and very moisturizing cleansers, conditioners and styling products.

Can those of us with straight hair use DevaCurl?

Absolutely. This gentle and healthy sulfate free, paraben free, water soluble and botanically infused system is great for all curl types, hair that is worn straight, as well as hair that has been chemically processed.

Are DevaCurl Products safe for children?
DevaCurl products are 100% safe to use on your toddler and child. We recommend the following cleansing and conditioning products and steps for usage:
1. Apply DevaCurl One Condition to dry curls before getting them wet, section by section. This can be soothing to the child and eliminates the more arduous task of pulling at tangles.
2. Wet curls thoroughly. Massage a liberal amount of DevaCurl No-Poo® or Low-Poo® between palms and work vigorously throughout hair and scalp. Rinse well.
3. Apply DevaCurl No-Comb Detangling Spray to wet or dry curls and use fingers to gently remove any tangles or knots.

Does DevaCurl test on animals? 

DevaCurl has never, and will never, conduct animal testing on any of our products.

Do DevaCurl products contain fragrance?
Our products are fragranced with 100% natural ingredients; pure plant essential oils and essential oil blends.  DevaCurl recognizes that even with natural fragrances, some individuals may develop an allergic reaction or just prefer unscented products.

Are DevaCurl products vegan/vegetarian?
Although DevaCurl products are not certified vegetarian or vegan, all but one - Set It Free, contain no animal derived ingredients. Set It Free contains beeswax since we have not found a substitute for this particular ingredient at this time.

“Free your hair and the rest will follow.”