Waxing - Services

Pearl wax is used for your waxing necessities. The following medications may cause sensitivity to the skin and we recommend you refrain from waxing services until 4 weeks after completion of them: Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Antibiotics, and/or Accutane. We recommend hair growth be ¼” in length or 2-3 weeks of growth to receive a waxing service. After waxing, allow 24 hours before sun bathing or tanning since newly waxed skin may burn easily. If you are waxing for a vacation or a special occasion, we recommend the waxing service be done at least 2 days prior.

Brow Wax - $11 - 19 (15 minutes)

Lip Wax - $11 - 19 (15 minutes)

Chin Wax - $11 - 19 (15 minutes)