Business Manager/Makeup Artist



photo of Lorrie Folline, Business Manager/Makeup Artist Lorrie Folline
Salon Tii Gavo
14410 SE Petrovitsky Road Suite 212
Renton, WA, 98058 USA

Lorrie has been involved in makeup and beauty off and on, since the ‘90s.  Between department store selling, doing makeup events, the occasional wedding, and as an independent Makeup Artist here in Washington, she knows the makeup scene.  After retiring from the Boeing Company in 2016 she jumped in with both feet into her “dream job” at Salon Tii Gavo.   She has been at the salon for 18 months as the Business Manager and reception, then added makeup in early 2019.  She has a passion for teaching, and makeup for the real woman.  Her philosophy is that beauty is a part of every person on this planet; inside and out, makeup or not.   She loves, loves, loves, teaching a gal how to do makeup on her OWN terms, for her OWN face.   She offers private instruction, workshops, makeup events, and straight makeup application services for every day, evening, and events.