Pursuit of Victory Wig Room

We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we stop and look fear in the face-We must do that which we think we cannot."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Hair Loss… Now What??

It's common for many questions to arise when you find out you may lose your hair. When will I start to lose my hair? Should I purchase a wig? When? Human or synthetic? What color should it be? How much will it cost? What style? Are they comfortable and easy to care for? Will I have to sit out in public when I try it on? Will I lose my lashes? Where do I begin?

At Salon Tii Gavo we can assist you in finding the right answers to these questions. We pride ourselves in helping women who are experiencing hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, alopecia, thyroid disorders or medical treatments.

We do not sell wigs online. We believe this is a very personal process. At your first consultation we will cover all the aspects of selecting the best wig for YOU – one that is comfortable and has a natural look, because it will be shaped and styled to your needs.

Above all, we are committed to be your journey companion. From diagnosis, throughout treatments and until your hair returns, we are available throughout this time.We work out of the salon and in a private room. However, if necessary we also make hospital calls for our clients. Hours are by appointment.

Share with us your journey from diagnosis to victory


Our Promise

We can't promise everything is going to be ok but we can promise to do everything we can to help you feel better.

Our Commitment is to YOU FIRST.

Salon Tii Gavo Offers:

  • A Positive Environment
  • Beautiful Choices
  • Caring Hearts

What it means.

A Positive Environment

Hair loss can be traumatic until you realize you have a choice. We will confidently help you maintain your self-image which is so important in the healing process.

Beautiful Choices

Be assured that you will be dealing with a well trained specialist. We enjoy helping cancer patients and others with medically related hair loss. Your specialist will help you in a confident choice in choosing the best for YOU. We take pride in offering the widest range of products for comfort and fit.

Caring Hearts

We are committed to being your journey companion. We will be with you at every stage of your journey with compassion, understanding and one on one service. Share with us your journey from diagnosis to victory!

Know that you have a choice and we will be happy to help you choose whatever is best for your situation and lifestyle. Don't hesitate to call us anytime.


Wigs…When? The Process

Are you going through Chemotherapy or is your hair loss natural or from some other medical reason? If you are going through chemotherapy then finding the positive resolution becomes a more time sensitive issue.

Once you have started your treatment, you have between 17-21 days before your hair begins to release. That is why seeing you is so important. It is optimal for us to set the initial consult before you begin losing your hair. This gives us a chance to see your length and match your color and density. If you have already experienced your hair releasing we can work with a photo to determine what is needed.

When your hair begins to release or slightly before we can make an appointment to take your hair down. (This depends on how you are feeling) By this time we will have made our choice together and you will be fitted, sized and styled. We generally allow 1 ½ hours for this appointment. This way you can walk out feeling AMAZING!!





Style for Your Mood

This collection is made from heat friendly fibers that make it possible to flat iron, curl or blow dry every wig in this collection. So you can create new style in a flash. Although this collection is small you can give yourself several styles with one wig. These wigs also sport the cap that memorizes your heat shape in one hour for the secure fit you deserve.

Memory Cap Collection

Non slip silicone, stretch lace what is lighter and cooler than ever. Light comfort secure fit. SO light and wearable it is virtually weightless. In 1 hour the wig memorizes the shape of your head.

Free Form Collection

Heat Weave with Memory Cap II

Our amazing new line made with heat-friendly fiber that makes it possible to flat iron, curl or blow dry every wig in this collection. So you can create a new style in a flash. What does it feel like? Like your own hair only better. What does it look like? Like you have your own live in stylist.

Sheer Indulgence Collection

Non Slip Cap True to Life Scalp

SI top ¾ of the top looks like scalp and hair coming right out of the scalp. ¾ allows you to part your hair anywhere. It also offers sheer line front look NO heavy bands.

SI Part with monofilament (part) Traditional part of zig-zag

SI Crown

Life Tech

Open and Airy barely there construction. Honey Comb construction. Maximum ventilation without sacrificing coverage. Memory Cap construction Mega Tech $145.

100% Hand Knotted Collection

All styles have been designed with the hair loss client in mind. The entire wig is hand knotted. It allows flexible parting. Scalloped front for low density natural looking hairline. (Can be styled off the face.) Ultra thin adjuster, sewn in wefts at the lower back to ensure style lays flat against the contour of the nape.

100% Fine Human Hair

Sometimes you just have to splurge. These wigs as luxe as it gets. 100% fine human hair with a natural look and great fit. All shine and pure radiance. So think of them as one investment that pays fabulous dividends. These come in full, two piece clip in extensions and ten piece clip in extensions too! This is a solution for those suffering from permanent hair loss or for those who believe that once in a while a girl has to splurge. You deserve to look your best!

Human or Synthetic

True to Life Scalp

We have several types of cap constructions to choose from. Our favorite and most popular collection are top, part and crown hand tied for the true to life scalp. These are non slip with stretch lace that makes it lighter, cooler and more comfortable. They are also more secure. After 1 hour this cap will memorize the shape of your head. HOW BRILLIANT IS THAT?!! It is so light and wearable it feels virtually weightless! The comfort and versatility is hard to believe, but easy to achieve. With a wide variety of looks to satisfy any woman's fashion trends. All styles in this collection offer some form of "true to life scalp" Every wig in this collection gives you "Innovative technology" that means that the it's the ultimate in light comfort and fit. It will fit in with your budget too!

100% Hand Knotted

A smaller collection of 100% Hand-knotted has been designed with the hair loss client in mind. Uniquely crafted this wig allows for forward movement and the look of natural growth. This will allow you the freedom to part on the left, right or center. The scalloped from is tied for low density, and very natural looking hairline, this allows you to style the wig off the face if you choose.