Raquel Welch Wigs Renton WA



Most of the time when you look in the mirror, it's all about your hair.  Raquel Welch wigs allow you to have a good hair day every day!   Whether you are seeking a high quality wig as a solution for hair loss or just a way to change your style in a matter of minutes, Raquel Welch wigs are a hand-crafted work of art, utilizing an exclusive color process and 100% natural, soft luxurious remy human hair. They are also ammonia free, bleach free, and toxic free for beautiful, glamorous style.



The Raquel Welch brand uses certified authentic natural 100% Remy human hair, the very best hair available. The hair is hand-selected and must pass rigorous standards for quality before being fashioned by hand into the world's finest wigs.   The coloring process used for the hair is also unique.  The procedure is gentle, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, allowing for vibrant, gorgeous color that resists fading and keeps the hair remaining soft, luxurious and extremely manageable.  

As each wig is hand-crafted, every strand of hair  is individually hand-tied to a monofilament top.  This process creates a look that is so natural it is practically impossible to tell that your wig is not actually your own hair.  A sheer lace front and hand-knotted base also means that you get the ultimate in light comfort and fit and easy styling. 

 raquel welch wigs and hairpieces for women

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One of the positive features of Raquel Welch wigs is the ease with which you can care for and maintain them.  With just a few minutes of care, your hair will continue to look fresh and gorgeous.

• Use a pick comb or fingers to gently remove tangles. Do not brush.

• Add 1 tablespoon of gentle shampoo to a basin of cool water.

• Soak for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly in cool water. Do not rub or scrub.

• Rinse thoroughly until all shampoo residue is removed. 

• Blot gently with towel to remove extra water. Do not squeeze or twist.

• Do not brush or comb hair while wet as it may stretch or otherwise damage the fiber.

• Never put a wet wig on a solid head stand or block as it will stretch the cap.

• Hang to air dry or use a blow dryer on a low setting.